40 years of know-how to design and create innovative solutions in the sheet metal and profiles sector

Born from the experience of entrepreneurs who have been working for over 40 years in the metallurgical sector, we provide clients the know-how to produce refined mechanical and production technological elements and at the same time offer added-value services for companies.

A close-knit team allows the company to offer innovative solutions and support services of great quality.

ATEMECH expands its offer to the international market, exporting products and services all over the world.

Atemech consulenza, progettazione e realizzazione


from the project to the finished product,
consulting, efficiency and reliability

Design and construction

Mould for metal

Mould per plastic

Mould for aluminum

Metal plate production premises


Mechanical machines

Finished products in sheet metal

Finished plastic products

Finished products in aluminum

Production plants for sheet metal

Atemech design & construction


a 360° service to support the
design and construction of metal sheet systems

Mechanical designs

Atemech has the experience of the best equipment constructors for the design and performances of die-cutting moulds, forming and extrusion of non-ferrous materials.

Forming equipment

Our Company, in collaboration with other important companies within the sector, designs and makes equipment for efficient plastic formation with over 45 active premises in Italy and around the world.

Production of elements

Production of elements such as plastic and other non-ferrous materials, prototype or big internal productions with the help of other specialized companies within the sector our from ouselves.

Retrofitting and maintenancee

The Company specializes in the modernization of technology and the functionality of obsolete productive premises (retrofitting*), improving like this its productive power and adapting to the current security regulations.

*Retrofitting: it means to add new technologies or functionalities to an old system, ensuring a prolonged life utility.

Raw materials - metal sheets

In collaboration with big raw material producing companies we can provide any type of steel according to customer’s requirements, with the necessary quality and quantity.

Atemech achieves tailor-made customized services to suit your needs

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certificazione ISO 9001:2015

Atemech certifiedISO 9001:2015
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Atemech Sport is born

The new division dedicated to supporting sport and social activities.

Atemech srls

Technical Consultancy services for companies

Where we are

Via Montenapoleone 8

20121 Milan - Italy

Mr. Yahya Egilmez

Mechanical & Industrial Engineer

655 sk. N° 2/10

35410 Gazemir Izmir - Turkey


M. +90 542 6140780

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